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Young Boozer, National 529 Campaign Chair


I’m Young Boozer – and yes, that’s my real name. I am the Third in a line of four Young Boozers. My son, the Fourth, will tell you just as well as I, that when someone hears the name, they don’t forget it.

When someone hears “529,” on the other hand, the name has not been as likely to stick. If you asked random people on the street if they had ever heard of a 529, one out of three would say yes.

529 plans in 27 states have teamed up to reverse that trend. Together, we are making 529 a household number. We are letting people know, whether you make a little or a lot, saving over time with a 529 college savings plan can make a big difference. It’s how parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can lessen a child’s reliance on student loans.

Now is the time we make “529” as memorable as “Young Boozer.”

Young Boozer
National 529 Campaign Chair

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